The Best of the Brightest

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Teacher Ko, Idol Ko!: Inspiring the best of the brightest students to become teachers.

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On teaching:

This doesn’t mean that…ikaw didto mag-tayada (you put up a good show). This is not about you, this is about your students.

-my Education instructor

To an unmolder

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Thank you for letting me realize how much I hate to be like you. That insult will be kept forever, but let me tell you that I will not be like you for the reason that what you are is so against my idea of a teacher.

Thank you for the unjust evaluation of my character through your belief that first impressions last. Indeed, you are the very antithesis of what I think a teacher should be. That’s the first thing I learned in your class, and I think it’s the most important.

I have but resolved one thing because of you: to do everything to avoid becoming like you. You did my future students a really great favor. For that, THANK YOU.