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I just can’t feel good all the time. Sometimes life needs to NOT make sense. Or me not making sense out of it. Whatever!

‘Nyway, try this one out. Just for the fun of it.

How many cannibals could your body feed?
Created by OnePlusYou

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It wasn’t that bad, very much like a pinch. I guess I needed it too, though right now I still despise how I got it. Yes, I guess I really needed it, you know, to cut through the thickening air.

But don’t worry, I know you’ve expected much, and I can’t stop you. But now I tell you, expect more, well maybe a little more than the usual, but nonetheless I’m going to give you more.

Air pinches, eye pinches, tongue pinches—not all of them really get into my nerves, but yeah, I guess you got into me. I guess you’re just a little nearer, or higher, even lower that time, that’s why I felt it. I actually wrote this just for you, to tell you I needed that, I really did need that. Of course I’ll have a good sleep tonight, but I’ll make sure you’ll feel, and see, the ‘more’ that I’m talking about.

I took your pinch nicely anyway. Well, the spot turned a little pinkish, but I guess it served me just right.

A week more

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I wake up without sleeping.

I eat my breakfast without getting full.

I wait for the tricycle.

I arrive at school.

I do paperworks. Sun-up. I do paperworks. Sun-down.

I listen to my instructor. I get some info. I write them down.

I eat lunch.

I go to classes again.

Nighttime, I do paperworks, until dawn.

I wake up without sleeping.

I am not complaining. At least I have some source of happiness left.

I just hope they won’t run out. A toast to college life!


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Had our college’s candlelighting ceremony with the senior Education students’ pinning. Have to wear our  lavender uniforms for the rest of the year. Bye bye slippers, bye bye jeans. 🙁

Pictorial with some of fellow Silliman University Campus Ambassadors for our recruitment poster. We’ve already selected eight newbies, out of the more than forty people who applied. Photo by Methuselah Ramos.

With Carlo and Luz, fellow campus ambas during the first night of the applicants’ panel interview, which many of us also call “torture night”.

To an unmolder

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Thank you for letting me realize how much I hate to be like you. That insult will be kept forever, but let me tell you that I will not be like you for the reason that what you are is so against my idea of a teacher.

Thank you for the unjust evaluation of my character through your belief that first impressions last. Indeed, you are the very antithesis of what I think a teacher should be. That’s the first thing I learned in your class, and I think it’s the most important.

I have but resolved one thing because of you: to do everything to avoid becoming like you. You did my future students a really great favor. For that, THANK YOU.