Catching February

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Had this brilliant(?)-slash-silly idea to compile interesting quotes and blahs I’ve heard/eavesdropped from people for the whole duration of February. Got me a sheet of paper, posted it on the fridge’s door, and began writing those interesting little things people told me, or those that escaped their lips (ok, tv dialogues included), and were caught by my rather satellite-like ears. And hollah! Here are some of them:

Heard him say “やばい:yabai!”, and sensing that I reacted, asked,

“Do you know the meaning of やばい:yabai (awful;terrible;crap;amazing;cool)?”—Tsuyoshi, previous roommate (shouldn’t have told him I got a “D” in Japanese)


“I dunno where I dropped my fingers!”—ate ‘Nor, on a cold winter night


IM with a friend in HongKong (the topic’s about Loowwve—it’s February remember?):

“Sorry, but everybody needs Love.”


“You seem solitary.”—Chinese friend, while we’re eating in the school cafeteria, to which I replied, ” I am, always. And happy ’bout it.”


“You are good at singing. Some people say [italics mine]. We were in the social room, and you were singing in (the) kitchenette.”—stop it Tsuyoshi!


“The dark needs to become darker, for the light to grow brighter”—umma mama (queen mother), Goong S, translated from Korean


“Remember, statistics shows that 25 per cent of the sexually active population has herpes.”—a visiting past OYR(one-year-regular) student and Canada House dormer, to people who were talking about their recent trip to Thailand…and the Thai girls.

But still, he couldn’t stop somebody from blurting out:

“It was brown, brown, pink (while touching his chest, and later on pointing his crotch in time for the word ‘pink’)!”


“Do you know how to do this (letting me see how to turn off the bathroom faucet)?”—dormmate…

me: You mean turning off the faucet!?!?! Yes, I certainly do.

dormmate(kindda feeling awkward): “Aa, ahm, ok…some people don’t.

I just let the soothing warm water coming from the shower calm my senses. God help me.


Hata, new roommate: “I don’t want to go to tonight’s kick-out party. Probably, they will do the ‘Jungle Fire’ again.”

me: What’s the ‘Jungle Fire’?

Hata: “It’s an event.”

me: I see. What do they do in that event?

Hata: “It’s a metaphor, you know, fire, on a jungle.”

me (connecting the idea of wishing luck the graduating seniors, and life as metaphored by the word ‘jungle’): Ah, I see. Maybe they’re going to talk about life as a kind of jungle…right? You know, those cliches of life as a steel and glass jungle, where it’s still a question of who’s the fittest and…”

Hata: “No! It means our jungle!”

me: What?!

Hata: “You know, our jungle, down there… (pointing at his crotch)”

And so that’s when I discovered that this kick-out party event, this “Jungle Fire”, is, simply, burning your pubic hairs “down there” and letting others burn theirs too, while you enjoy the “exotic smell” of the resulting smoke. Interesting.

And it became more hilarious when he added,

“厚いよ:it’s hot, you see…”


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On a simulation session where he had to act as my grandfather and advise me using “should” phrases:

You should study. You should learn Japanese history. You should be careful of Japanese girls.

me: “Ah, why (pertaining to Japanese girls), are they bad (I had to use simple words okay)?”

The colored hair (girls with dyed hair). The black hairs are okay. Usually.


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I have three dreams, one is to go to a four-year college, two to study abroad, and three is to build an elementary school with the money that my father left us…

my dreams make me happy everyday.