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Yes, I felt nothing, nothing was left. I was a hole from the inside out. And how ridiculous it is for a self-professed optimist to say this! But that was the truth, I felt nothing; as if even air, and blood,—even tears—turned their backs on me and left me in and with a vacuum.

And yet to have this courage, to rely on Someone because there is absolutely nothing in you to sustain yourself, to depend solely on an Unseen for the last shred of hope, this beautiful humility, has got me back to my senses. And I hope it isn’t too late.


Only the dark can teach the light brightness.



The purpose is not to run away, it’s to chase after dreams.

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Let me dream and hope and wonder like a child. Let me dream endlessly, boundlessly, as if I always command the wind and the stars are at my side. Make my hope fresh and unquestioning; and let me wonder wild and without ceasing, as if I have wings to carry me to the deepest parts of the universe, wherever I wish to be. Let me believe in all things good like a child, that my belief be pure, unstained, uncomplicated.

But, let me act like an adult. Make me work and shape my dreams like real grown-ups do. Let me always think that I am responsible, and that whatever my decisions on things may be, let me have self-trust, like what mature men have, to face what must be faced. Let me not run away when the wind howls, for this is not what adults do. Light my way as I face my fears. Let me have courage, but allow me to fear, that I would take heart more. For courage is not the absence of fear, but the wisdom to do things when in fear. Let me defend my hopes like an adult, reasonable, sensible, open-minded. And let me handle my wonders like grown-ups do—the real ones—dignified, enthusiastic but not loud, determined but not dirty. Let me hold my belief of the truths in and of the world like a seasoned man, thankful for the gray clouds that add to the beauty of the dusk and to the spreading darkness, instead of cursing them, like what they who pretend to be grown-ups do.

Let me celebrate beauty and goodness in all their forms like a child, but also, let me build and lead my life like an adult.

Let me possess a grown-up mind, and a heart forever young, too.

If the world were to die

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When does an annoying baby squeal silence the world and give hope again? When babies have become history of course—at least for the realist—and a miracle for the optimist. To save yourself from this rather ambiguous retelling of how precious life is, watch Children of Men instead. Stars Clive Owen, by Alfonso CuarĂ³n.

Trailer here.

Once the sound of the playground fades, despair sets in.