Train collection 003

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Sunday, March 2, 2008. Train from Shinjuku going to Harajuku, Yamanote Line.

I was going to dance tinikling with Jera, for a charity luncheon hosted by the Tokyo Union Church—proceeds would support the trip of youth volunteers to build houses somewhere in Cagayan Valley.

On the train: father and daughter wrestles their fingers in this game most of us should’ve played before. While in it with her little girl who has rosy cheeks, dad keeps on smiling, the kind of smile that smells proud, and happy, and hopeful for her rosy-cheeked baby. It’s refreshing to find a middle-aged man, not in business suit, being father to his daughter, in this part of Japan where people are often regarded as snobs.

And so off I danced the tinikling with Jera. Now wrestling our feet with the bamboo poles, I hoped I had the same smile on, for the people at the luncheon and for the future houses in Cagayan. It was a great Sunday.