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Regarded by friends he met in Aussie as the energy of the group, Yuuki, an ordinary Japanese guy who loves to see “the diverse world” and even wants to “travel the universe” gets a rare and incurable disease, with only seven people, out of the billions on earth, recorded to have had. Discover the nobility of the human spirit in Yuuki, who decided to run a marathon, gave out courage to friends rather than ask for it, while battling an illness he treated as a rival, gradually losing his vision, body slowly giving in to paralysis, not to mention foreseeable death.

It’s a story of friendship amidst individuality, dreams and reality. It’s a story of life, and how it should be nobly lived.


”You just might be the guy who creates miracles.” (doctor)

”I don’t care about creating any miracle, if I can just live normally. For me, being able to live normally is a miracle.” (Yuuki)


”Perhaps a doctor shouldnt’t be saying this. But ma’am, things like miracles do exist. As long as you have the passion to do it, God will make it happen on a whim. I want to believe in the miracle in him.” (to Yuuki’s mom)


”I didn’t imagine, darkness can be so scary.” (Yuuki)

”If it’s so scary, why don’t you try to like darkness? Perhaps it would be easier for you.” (Yuuki’s kindergarten teacher)


”I plan to be his friend ’til I become an old man. Joking about our pensions, and laughing at each other…so, how can we just let him die so easily?” (Junji, Yuuki’s closest friend)

-translated from the Japanese, Yuuki the movie.

Watch it here.