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ripples and waves come from that
—yet from there springs everything.

last shot at summer ’09

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Who said money’s a must to have fun? That Friday, all we needed were P100 each, three (must-happen?) bloopers, a half-planned plan *giggles*, and tons and tons of laughter! We hit Dauin beach, and the rest was all fun!

blooper no.1: katie left her key in her (locked) room—and surprise! all our things were inside too!

blooper no. 2: one of marvin’s car tires suddenly gave up, and demanded for an immediate air refill.

blooper no. 3: rain. yes! it rained before this pic was taken, and we had to make sure our grilled pork’s safe or else lunch would be impossible. we finally had lunch though, but not until past 2. 🙂

human na ang bloopers. beach, beach, beach! 😀

lumpya makulob-makaya for the tuyok-tuyok game

bogy (@facebook): b*tch man ko diri oi! lol

bogy again (@facebook): murag ga-cheerdance si JP

bonfire for mallow roasting

sashi: bahog gas akong marshmallow!

jp: ako kay bahong lukay.

eating bogy’s pomelo, and katie’s korean dried laver sheets

dauin, friday, 05 june 2009


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Yes, I felt nothing, nothing was left. I was a hole from the inside out. And how ridiculous it is for a self-professed optimist to say this! But that was the truth, I felt nothing; as if even air, and blood,—even tears—turned their backs on me and left me in and with a vacuum.

And yet to have this courage, to rely on Someone because there is absolutely nothing in you to sustain yourself, to depend solely on an Unseen for the last shred of hope, this beautiful humility, has got me back to my senses. And I hope it isn’t too late.


Only the dark can teach the light brightness.



The purpose is not to run away, it’s to chase after dreams.

(from a series’ soundtrack)

Finding you is like…

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And we shall play a game of chess,
Pressing lidless eyes and waiting for a knock upon the door.

-T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land


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Above all, don’t fear difficult


The best comes from them.

Rita Levi Montalcini

(Italian Nobel Prize winner for Medicine in 1986, during her 100th birthday celebration)

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