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I shall give myself a pat
on the shoulder (after the wells cleared up
for unearthing in me some nobility—
that little pure droplet, like a dew, a baby spring.

Run then, to where you think you can find
your oasis;
fuss I shan’t.
A floating leaf instead I shall be,
while remembering the ripples
begun one drizzly August night—
the very same things which now tell me
how close I came to danger.

But I choose not venom, instead
with bowl-shaped hands scoop
from the freshest fountains I can find:
for you to quench your mortal thirst
and for me, to understand you and
cleanse myself.

That I did not know
it is something I possess brings
a smile: yet it is there,
flowing freely,
in some of the deepest sepulchers
of my heart.

25 February 2010, 3.17pm

I want this.

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If you’re thinking of giving me something this Christmas, I’d be happy to unwrap this book. It’s available at NB, just so you know. 🙂

More about the book? Click on the pic.

first of august

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neither the song nor the moon it
was, but us, who dared tame
time—and winning but for a moment,
made now everlasting

and we are a crazily creative bunch of people

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when two hands are not enough

vertical organization 😉

the streets must be kept clean—at all times

going to school is an adventure

as fast as a rocket

sleep tight!


oh well 🙂

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skin swirlings

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I was settled and then you come centripetal centrifugal you are delicious but our friction must just stop.

then1:25 am, 17 June 2009

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